Graph Engineering

Metal Finishing Specialists

Welcome to Graph Engineering

Graph Engineering is an Irish owned and family run company based in Glasnevin, Dublin, specializing in the treatment of aluminium.
Recently acquired by new management and a strong engineering team, Graph brings over 50 years experience of providing quality service to industry. We offer a high capacity rapid turnaround anodising and chromate conversion coatings to a variety of industries specializing in the aerospace, electronic and medical sectors.


Based in our 5000 sq/ft metal finishing facility in Glasnevin, Dublin, we offer decorative sulphuric acid anodising including a wide range of colours, hard anodising, PTFE impregnation for enhanced mechanical properties, chromate conversions to aluminium and stainless steel passivation. We also offer a range of mechanical finishing options to enhance the decorative appeal of the finished product including graining, linishing and bead blasting.

Our engineering team and workforce bring a combined 50 years plus experience in the metal finishing industry enabling us to offer the highest quality service to our customers. We have the expertise to get involved in projects from an early stage if required and give sound technical advice on all aspects of aluminium treatments from suggesting a finish to the selection of appropriate alloy.


We offer the capacity to anodize batches of components ranging from 15 to 50,000 while maintaining colour and finish integrity across the batch. Our maximum process length for components is 1800mm for clear anodising, black anodising and hard anodising. The size for coloured work is available upon request.

Lead Times

Graph offer a standard lead time of 3-4 days for the processing of most orders, however we understand that there are often circumstances which do not allow such lead times. To that end we also offer a ‘premium service ’which allows product to be processed within 1-2 days and also a ‘platinum service’ which dependant on finish, batch size and component size can have a lead time as low as 8 hours.

Quotations and Samples

We are able to offer rapid response to quotations and can accept drawings in a wide range of electronic formats to make the quoting exercise more accurate and timely.
We can provide a sampling service should it be required and are keen to do this at early stages of major projects