Graph Engineering

Metal Finishing Specialists

About Us

Company History

Graph Engineering now based in the Dublin Industrial Estate Glasnevin, was established in 1990, the current Managing Director Patrick Geoghegan, bought the company in 2004, and has recruited a highly skilled and experienced engineering team to strengthen the workforce which existed in order to improve the service to customers and strengthen the R&D arm of the company.
The company focuses its activity on the finishing of aluminium through decorative anodising, hard anodising, PTFE impregnation and Chromate Conversion Coatings. We are also heavily involved in the development of new and innovative finishes for a range of industry sectors to achieve previously unattainable performance criteria.

Client Base

We currently have a customer base of over 200 companies throughout the Island of Ireland ranging from small owner operated facilities to some of the largest blue chip organizations in the country.
We service a wide range of industry sectors on a daily basis and have extensive project experience in a number of fields which include:

Aerospace – We have been involved in the passenger airline interiors market and are constantly working on projects for new aircraft components.
Electronics - We work with a number of electronic companies on a range of projects from enclosures to house their product to tooling to assist in the manufacture.
Telecoms – We have been involved in the wireless telecoms industry for over 15 years and the products we finish range from the smallest internal components to the antenna trays on signal masts.
Medical – We are involved in providing finishes to both the tooling sector using our ‘Graphlon 611’ finish as well as developing new and safe finishes on substrates other than aluminium for intrusive devices, this gives an idea of the extent of our R&D capabilities.
Space – We have anodized a number of components for the European Space Agency on a number of projects.

Components which Graph have processed are employed all over the world and beyond in various diverse applications.