Graph Engineering

Metal Finishing Specialists


Chemicals and Waste

Graph are a metal finishing company and are therefore subject to a number of environmental controls governing the use of the hazardous chemicals used in our processes and the disposal of waste bi-products produced in these processes. This governs the discharge to air, water and disposal to land, as well as the issues concerning the recycling of both the waste were possible, and the containers used to distribute the chemicals. We apply strict internal controls to ensure compliance with the requirements of regulatory bodies, as well as accepting regular inspections and audits from both local authorities and our regulatory body.

Health and Safety

The Health and safety of our employees is of critical importance to us and we are committed to adhering to our Health and Safety policy. We carry out regular internal Health and safety audits in addition to an annual review from an external body to ensure that we employ best practice at all times.
Daily production is carried out in strict accordance to chemical handling procedures laid down within our Health and Safety policy. All our employees are trained in the safe handling of hazardous chemicals and are fully trained in emergency response procedures should there be that requirement.


ISO 14001