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PTFE Impregnation 'Graphlon 611'

This is a process which has been developed be Graph in response to specific problems experienced in the field by our customers using more traditional finishes.
The process involves ‘hard anodising’ the component using the process defined on the hard anodising page of this web site, and then applying a supplementary finish of Polyteraflouroethylene ‘PTFE’ a synthetic flouropolymer. This material has a number of properties such as a low coefficient of friction and chemical inertness. These allow the material to be used in a wide range of applications once all other parameters have been defined.

Projects and Applications

We have worked with a number of companies to discover what problems they encounter in the field with conventional finishes and have applied the ‘Graphlon 611’ process to great effect to solve these problems.

* Slide ways: One customer had a problem of ‘binding’ occurring on mating slides one of which was treated with a conventional hard anodic film. The application of ‘Graphlon 611’ gave these slides a greater degree of lubricity and has eradicated this problem.
* Injection Mould Tools: The application of ‘Graphlon 611’ to injection mould tooling has improved the quality of parts coming from mould tools as the PTFE is acting as a releasing agent due to the lubricity and the chemical inertness.

We would be happy to further discuss this process and its possible applications in further detail.