Graph Engineering

Metal Finishing Specialists

Research & Development

Graph Engineering have an active research and development programme which is constantly striving to improve not only the quality of the existing finishes currently offered to our customer base, but also the development of new improved finishes through the development of innovative technologies.
This research is not limited to finishes produced on aluminium, due to the extensive experience of the team, Graph can offer assistance with finishes on a whole manner of substrates with a view of including them in our finishing portfolio.

Active Projects

Graph have been involved in the development of an impregnation of hard anodic film to facilitate the release of mould media from blow mould tools which also affords additional lubricity to slide ways. This finish has been registered as ‘Graphlon 611’ and can be specified by customers and end users.
Graph are also heavily involved in projects to increase the corrosion protection afforded to components from anodic film. This involves the application of ‘state of the art’ technologies and is targeted at some of the largest manufacturers in Europe.


Graph Engineering prides itself on providing a quality service to our customers on all levels. We operate to the highest possible standards and comply with all military and ASTM specifications in both our operating practice and our testing.

Graph as well as carrying out a series of in house testing, have a strategic alliance with the centre for research of surface treatments ‘CREST’ which is based in the Dublin Institute of Technology. This alliance allows us to get preferential placing of testing and provides us with the facility to get independent and more complex testing carried out.
We are ISO 9001 approved which demonstrates our commitment to quality and our disciplined approach to quality.
We are also ISO 14001 accredited which shows that not only are we conscious of providing a quality service we do so while remaining conscious of our environment.